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Whether you are looking for Assembled Desktops, Branded Desktops, Laptops, Computer Peripherals or Accessories, Aven Technology has the specific answer to your needs.

Assembled Desktops

Looking for a machine with the power to run your business, home software, and internet applications? Desktops are the perfect choice. Available in a wide variety of styles and configurations. When it comes to purchasing new desktop computers for your home or office, the first question you get in your mind is whether to buy branded computers or to get assembled desktop computers. While there are good many reasons to buy branded computers, there are also good reasons to why you should opt for assembled ones.

Branded Desktops

While it is normal for anyone to opt for branded computers, you should also understand that only the external case and a few parts such as CPU are the ones that come from the company. Various other components are manufactured by different companies. In conclusion, there isn't much difference between the branded ones and the assembled computers.​

Laptop Computers

The branded computers including desktop computers and laptops come as a pre-assembled product saving you much time energy. Today most of them come in various standard configurations that you may pick from and even with pre-loaded operating systems. You just need to plug-in and start working. The greatest advantage is that the company that provide you the computer will take up the responsibility of any defects or problems that you come across during the warranty period.​

Computer Peripherals​

We sell, install and support the best brands in image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams, digital cameras and other peripherals.

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whether you need a drive, webcam, USB devices, chargers, microphones or any other accessories, we can help you

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