Protection against vulnerabilities is a top priority for businesses. Our holistic approach to cybersecurity sets you up for success. We provide the expertise, portfolio, and

Networking and Communications

Our relationships with networking vendors help you take customer requirements and explore all available options for their ecosystem. Our dedicated team provides full support, and

Data Lifecycle

We offer complete, repeatable multi-vendor solutions from our technology portfolio with more than 150,000 products and expert services to deliver PCs, peripherals, printers, supplies, and

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If you’re deploying the cloud for the first time or managing an existing cloud solution, we provide everything you need to start and maintain your


Whether you need to add or upgrade servers, or network products, or even need to order cables, Aven Technologies provides the solutions you need to


Modern Edge, Mobile Edge, and Visual Edge provide endpoint solutions to upgrade PCs to current versions, configure remote access for users, and connect mobile devices

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