Micro Data Centers

Many small server room, comms room and wiring closet environments that support core and edge computing have developed organically over time. As additional equipment and services have evolved it is very common for these rooms to become cluttered with poor IT cabling, unsuitable power and inappropriate or undersized data center cooling systems.

Concerns around latency are driving the need for applications such as industrial process control where processing delays need to be minimized, and others like content distribution networks that need to place data closer to the point of consumption due to bandwidth considerations.  This is helping to drive increased demand for local ‘Edge’ Micro Data Center On-Premise Infrastructure.


Aven Technologies’ highly resilient, efficient, and secure Edge Hybrid Micro Data Centers provide complete business agility. Designed to protect your IT computing services that support your local network, public cloud connection, localized private cloud, and production activities, including bandwidth-intensive content and latency-sensitive applications.

The criticality of computing and network functions performed in these edge environments is no less important than those functions performed in larger corporate data centers or within the cloud.


Micro Data Centers are designed to house both core and edge IT functions critical to the operation of both SME and corporate business enterprises. Our Data Center solution addresses the fundamentals of racks, power, cooling, fire suppression, wiring, security and environmental monitoring requirements.


Aven Technologies work with clients to help renovate, relocate and provide new build server room, comms room, and wiring closet Micro Data Center solutions applying the same “best practice” data center design and build principles that are commonplace in large corporate and cloud-based data centers.

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