Mobile and Modular Data Centers

It is important to ensure future data center deployments support the ever-increasing demands of virtualized, high-density and cloud computing environments. Modularity is now at the forefront of contemporary data center construction. The goal is to build a dynamic data center solution capable of rapid change to meet evolving market demands.

Aven Technologies Mobile and Modular Data Center Solutions directly address the requirements of contemporary data center technology. Our Mobile & Modular Data Center solutions provide clients with complete flexibility, delivering a scalable approach to data center planning and design, as well as eliminating the need for traditional bricks and mortar buildings.


If space or accessibility is a challenge, then this is the perfect solution. Our prefabricated pods can be delivered to site pre-engineered ensuring that there is minimal impact on your business operations. This specialist scalable approach reduces data center deployment from years and months to weeks, providing pay-as-you-grow infrastructure to match your compute deployment.

Typically, a Modular Data Center solution will reduce capital expenditure by over 40%.

By having your data center on-premises it will enable you to have more control and access to your data as well as increasing latency and flexibility.

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